I was diagnosed with a lifelong condition, Multiple Sclerosis a little over 5 years ago at 39 years young. This chronic condition causes a number of symptoms and disrupts the communication between my brain and my body. It became a battle trying to differentiate all the new symptoms and trying to manage all that was going on with my body. I temporarily became sad from the chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety brought upon by M.S. that it made each day harder and harder to get through. I had been told by many to try cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products as an alternative medication without the side effects of pharmaceuticals and to ease the stress on my body. ZenSpace was so kind to provide me with multiple oral and topical CBD/THC products and I'm blessed to say did help alleviate my symptoms and a plus, helped me sleep. The items included cannabis-infused concentrates, topical roll-ons, and medical healing balm that were all very effective. Thank you so much Zen Space I would recommend you to anybody who appreciates good people, great service, and good products.

Jennifer W.

The Weekenders are truly the joints I’ve been looking for. 🥰 I’ve been on a CBD kick to help ease my anxiety followed by depression. THC heavy products usually make me paranoid and anxious, but this perfect blend of THC: CBD has provided me with the high life that I used to know with cannabis products. I HIGHLY recommend these joints so much, you’ll even forget what a weekday is 😎 Thanks so much again Zen Space!!!

Sarah R.

After eating about a quarter of the potcorn I began to feel my body relax. I had to do a double-take as I couldn't believe how quickly it took effect. Once I verified it was 20MG of CBD and only 2MG of THC, I went in! The CBD gave me the perfect calming effect, while my mind was wide awake and ready to enjoy a movie (Thelma & Louise if you must know). The most impressive thing was how delicious the popcorn actually tasted! If you're a sea salt fan, you'll love this! And if you really like popcorn, I suggest you get two bags because you won't want to share. I'm also hooked on the "good joints"! 8 Sativa pre-rolls beautifully packed in a small and sleek case that fits perfectly in any of my bags or in my back pocket! I had a tedious, mind-numbing spreadsheet to complete so I decided it would be the perfect time to try a good joint. Wow! I felt myself zeroing in on the smallest detail and the task suddenly felt like a game. Besides being able to concentrate, it boosted my mood and I couldn't stop dancing around in my chair. I would sooo recommend this to any friend looking for a nice head-high with uplifting and euphoric effects.

Cristina D.

“I am someone who has pretty high anxiety (especially at night), as well as an insomniac (usually I wake up 4-5 times at night). I used this elixir in some tea an hour or so before bed, and after about 45 minutes I felt very calm, relaxed, and ready for sleep. I ended up sleeping all night for the first time in years and didn’t experience any grogginess upon waking. I also didn’t experience any racing thoughts or anxiety when I did lie down to sleep; this was very relieving for me since I have such a hard time winding down at night. I also did not experience any negative sensations like bed spins or nausea, and the high was very mild. The flavor was also very mild, and quite pleasant when added to tea, as the elixir has chamomile and lavender in it. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who experiences insomnia and/or anxiety that increases at night."

Hannah S.