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Slide The Big Black

Pool of life


Have you ever tried to swim across a big black pool? A pool unlike any other. A pool that goes deeper than the mind can imagine and is thicker than the eyes have the ability to see through. A pool the color of motor oil with the consistency of raw honey.

It is said only the strong can cross the depth of the abyss successfully. I wonder, is it because the strong are more capable or simply confident in their strength? Whatever the case, the strong likely pass through the Black Pool because they perceive the water and its obstacles differently, they see an end to the unrelenting nothingness. When they swim, they do not feel the weight of the water dragging them down to the bottom, crushing both body and mind. When they find themselves far below the surface, they can see the light on the horizon directing them back to their path. The strong do not have it easier when swimming through the Black Pool; they just perceive it with a clearer eye, resulting in the manifestation of a clearer path.

What does that say about everyone else? Are the weak destined to face the challenge of crossing this Black Pool without possessing the same fortitude as the strong? We are all born equal, but perception ultimately separates the weak from the strong.

It is a sad truth when I say the weak do not perceive the pool as a path they can cross, but rather as a voyage to be survived. From the shallow end to the deep, the weak take every progressing step slowly and cautiously, fearing the commitment and energy it will take to cross. After putting in one toe the weak can feel the weight of the Black Pool and realize the path they face may not be one they can win, but there is no going back. When waist deep in the Black Pool, the weak can feel the intense pull of the water as if they are attached to a retractable chain anchored to the deepest depths. With one small step the weak sink to the bottom like a rock and succumb to the dark, finding themselves with nothing except the sound of their own thoughts.

Frustrated and alone, hope is almost lost. Lost until thoughts of those on the other side of the pool surface and a glimmer of hope is regained. The weak begin swimming straight up full of confidence and start to believe they will soon escape the hell they call the Black Pool; but unfortunately, disappointment is soon to follow. The water is thick and their bodies are tired as they struggle to reach the top. In the end, the weak end up smacking their face against the side of the pool wall. Confusion fills their mind as they thought the light was just a few strokes away. This confusion leads to a new, deeper sense of hopelessness as they realize no matter what direction they swim, the light seems to be unattainable. With a tired body and lack of will, the weak decide to drown in the Big Black Pool rather than fight what they perceive as their fate. Hopelessness, loneliness, and sadness creep in as darkness becomes their new reality.

But there is a twist. Although the weak are not able to see through the thick black water of the pool, the strong still can. Despite them being able to visibly see the weak struggle, most do nothing and continue down their path uninterrupted. It only takes one strong person to save a weak one, but effort has to be involved. Without it, the weak will remain at the bottom of the Black Pool all alone, never to see the light again. The bottom of the Black Pool is now filled with scores of the weak, while the strong carry on…

Maybe one day the strong will use that strength to create a path of light for the weak that struggle to grasp their own sanity and deteriorate at the bottom. Maybe one day the weak will be saved. Maybe one day.

That Big Black Pool is life and I am the weak, but I am far from alone. We are not alone.

Those with strength, please help the weak. Those without, please stay strong. Although it will be the most difficult swim of your life, the other side is well worth it.

Life is a journey best traveled together.

Zen Space exists to help those stuck in The Big Black Pool


7700 Edgewater Dr.
Oakland, CA 94621
United States

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