Raphi and his friends were once normal animals, happily roaming around the mountain ranges of the Nirvana Islands and the mystic plants. The mountain ranges themselves were covered with nature and wildlife, including the plants with mysterious properties that will soon change the world forever. These plants kept not only the island in perfect balance but also the world as a whole. Their destruction will effectively lead to the poisoning of the long-lasting peace among the human race…

The mystical plants were actually a physical representation of a portal to the “Zen Space”, a state of reality where all tranquility, peace, and patience reside. Without these plants in existence, the world of the humans would surely fall into despair.

In order to offset the special properties of the plants and keep the world in balance, a creature with opposing properties also lived among the animals on the island. The only difference is that this creature dwelled in the deepest, darkest pit of the island, almost at the core itself, acting as an anchor for the special attributes of the mystical plants.

One day, built up frustration and anger overwhelmed the creature and it lashed out in fiery fury. Using its unique thermal kinetic physiology, it proceeded to attack the other animals and effectively burn down the island. Due to its opposing properties, the creature felt compelled to burn down the mystical plants in order to destroy the limiter on its own power. 

After setting the island ablaze and assuming all life would be lost, the creature flew off the island in a barrage of flames. Its goals for the outside world: to spread destruction, strain, tension, and adversity to the human population since it thought the path to the Zen Space was forever lost.

However, the burning Zen Space plants had an adverse effect, and rather than simply burning away and filling the animals’ lungs with poison, the smoke and gasses emitted from the burning plants empowered the surviving animal’s brains and endocannabinoid systems to an extent that could only be described as spiritual and supernatural. 

Since the powers of the surviving animals were birthed from the properties of the mysterious plants, they had a unique connection with the Zen Space which is the equivalent to their power system giving them the ability to fight the creature on equal footing for all of humanity.