Blooming Tea | 10mg THC / 10mg CBD

At Zen Space, we offer Zendo because they know that nature supplies all that we need to be healthy and happy, which is why they have chosen to use only the most revered ingredients the earth has to offer.

Description & Features:

Three tea balls (green tea, jasmine, chrysanthemums, and cannabis). 10mg THC + 10mg CBD. Help reduce stress, great for relaxation, natural herbal flavors. Perfect healthy beautiful drink. Zendo’s blooming tea, or otherwise known as flowering tea, is a combination of superfine and floral ingredients tied into a beautiful tea bundle that blooms into a gorgeous display right before your eyes during steeping. Make sure to use a clear pitcher for steeping so that you can enjoy the beauty of Zendo’s blooming tea. 

Things you should know:

  • Dosage Instructions: 10 mg THC is equivalent to 1 standard dose.
  • Disclaimer: All products are intended for adult use only. Please, keep away from children.
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Dear Foodies, we’re here for you!  The Delectables line features mouthwatering treats such as Cookies and Cream rice crispy, crunchy Sriracha crackers, calming teas, juicy gummies, and bold wines just to name a few.   All products were made from 100%  lab-tested and compliant cannabis products.

Fun Facts:

  • The effects of cannabis usually occur within minutes of smoking, whereas with edibles it can take between 30 minutes to 2 hours to experience the effects. 
  • A standard dose of any infused good is between 10-15mg of THC.
  • Always start slow to see what works for you.  Remember, you are unique so your experience with cannabis will be the same. 

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