Zen Kit: Victorious Breath (Build-a-Kit test)


Imagine, you finally make it home Friday night after a long arduous 40-hour workweek. While In your special hiding place, a little wooden box awaits you filled with ingredients to help you decompress. You grab a conveniently prepared premium pre-roll from your Zen Kit, kick back on the sofa, and start to relax.

A few moments later your thank yourself for making a decision to automate your stress management needs; and to think, all you had to do was set your price & select your ideal strain. Zen Space’s Order Architects curated a wonderful assortment of products for you, within your price range, and always with a strain of your choice so you always experience the effect you desire. Oh, and don’t forget to thank yourself for your savings on delivery. 😉

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The (Insert Kit Name Here) features (Insert Products) by (Insert Brands), made from 100%  lab-tested and compliant cannabis products.

Fun Facts about your new kit:

  • Your Flower: This month’s kit features (Insert Number of 8ths) 8th of (Insert flower strain and bud type)
  • Your Preroll: This month’s kit features (Insert Number of Prerolls) Pre-roll of (Insert flower strain and bud type)…
  • Your Edible: This month’s kit features (Insert Number of Edibles) of (Insert Edible Type and Company.)
  • Your Concentrates: This month’s kit features (insert number of concentrates) of (Insert Edible Type and Company.)

Although we accept cash we try to avoid cash transactions to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 and for the safety and well-being of our Essential Frontline Partners. We ask that if possible please with Paytender. Paytender is an alternative to Zelle, Cash App, and Venmo. If you do pay with cash, please do your best to have exact change as our zippy Zenner’s are unable to provide you with change.


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