Alien Cookies Live Resin | 80.8% THC


At Zen Space, we offer West Coast Cure because they are driven by a singular passion: to produce the highest quality cannabis concentrates & flower products available on the market today.

Description & Features:

Alien Cookies Live Resin Sauce is a balanced 50/50 hybrid extract with a smooth earthy flavor and galactic appeal. A kushy dab with synergistic qualities, the sauce has a vanilla flavor profile with sweet maple undertones. Valued by consumers for its flavorful terpenes and therapeutic cannabinoids, the Alien Cookies high is known to instill a blissful and uplifting mindset.

A great extract for those looking to contemplate the existence of UFOs, flying saucers, and interdimensional time travel, Alien Cookies Live Resin Sauce also sparks repressed creativity and soothes aching joints with its powerful entourage effects.

Things you should know:

  • Dosage Instructions: Start with a size equivalent to a grain of rice. Wait an hour and proceed from there.
  • Equipment Required: You will need a rig to use this product. Please visit the Cannabis Boutique if you’re looking for one.
  • Disclaimer: All products are intended for adult use only. Please, keep away from children.

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Warning! The Pure Potency line is sure to catapult any cannabis enthusiast into oblivion.  Our standards run just as high as the THC levels in this line, so fasten up and enjoy the ride.  Our products are made from 100% lab-tested, compliant cannabis. 

Fun Facts:

  • Flowers begin at 30% THC levels in the Pure Potency Line &
  • Concentrates begin at 80% THC levels
  • Higher levels of THC may in fact confer a greater risk for a negative experience, so;
  • The convenience of portable and disposable vapes are unparalleled.
  • Always start slow to see what works for you. Everyone’s body and tolerance levels are different.

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