Rip & Ditch Disposable Vape


At ZenSpace we carry HoneyStick vapes because of their high tech, high performance, dependability, and affordability when it comes to upper-tier vaporizers.

RIP & DITCH disposable vape pen is a small, powerful, and very useful device. The cheaper, disposable version of HoneyStick amazing experience. Industry-first expendable dab pen w/ 3 temperature settings: 4.0 Volts the highest setting (Red LED – 3.8 Volts the mid setting (Green LED) and 3.4 Volts Low (Blue LED)

Package Contains:
1 X Disposable Rip & Ditch DAB Pen (200 Rips Power)
1 X Magnetic DAB Tool

Available for Pre-Order.
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RIp & Ditch by HoneyStick

The Jovial Explorer never lets anything get in the way of a little fun or adventure!  With sleek on-the-go products to choose from, you’ll be set whether you’re off on a 10-day trek in the woods or getting ready to hit up a party in the city.  Our products are made from 100% lab-tested, compliant cannabis. 

Fun Facts:

  • Did you know the United States has a Marijuana Party? The U.S. Marijana party, is a cannabis political party founded in 2002 by Loretta Nall specifically to end the war on drugs and legalize cannabis.
  • Always start slow to see what works for you. Everyone’s body and tolerance levels are different.

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