Purple Punch x Doc’s OG – Indica

At Zen Space, Ervana believes cannabis should be reliable, consistent, and accessible. To achieve this, they offer signature blends that deliver consistent effects and potencies every time. They’ve developed a proprietary blending process through countless hours of testing and hundreds of strains. Their blending process allows them to bring out the best qualities of hybrids, indicas, and sativas while avoiding many of the common negative effects. Designed around different mood states, our blends let you choose how you want to feel.

Coupled with their blends, they use a proprietary variable grinding technique on their flower. The end result is a joint with unbeatable smokability – easy air flow, slow burn, and great taste.

Sativa: Blended to create an uplifting and energetic high without the anxiety. Enjoy this blend with friends, before an outdoor adventure, or alone when you want to spark some creativity.
Hybrid: Blended to achieve a balanced high of both body and mind. Our Hybrid blend is great for day or night.
Indica: Blended for full body relaxation. Enjoy this blend when you’re winding down, relaxing in the backyard, or listening to music.


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