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At ZenSpace we carry Kamatree because they believe in doing their part to help heal the planet. That’s why all of their products are grown naturally under the sun with a minimal carbon footprint. So when you choose kamatree you are making a healthy environmental choice!

Things you should know:

  • Dosage Instructions: Take 2 Puffs and wait 5 mins to measure effectiveness.
  • Disclaimer: All products are intended for adult use only. Please, keep away from children.

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The Creative Noon line was designed with our artisan’s in mind. With Sativa focused, high CBD products, your body will feel relaxed, while your mind stays sharp.  Unlock your creativity with 100% lab-tested and compliant cannabis products. 

Fun Facts:

  • This is a complex, erotic hybrid much sought for its energetic, creative, and uplifting sensations. 
  • Users appreciate its uplifting euphoria and deep body impact.
  • Many people speculate that Shakespeare wrote some of his most famous pieces while under the influence of marijuana. The evidence supporting this conclusion are pipes found in his garden containing cannabis and the mention of weed in one of his sonnets.
  • Always start slow to see what works for you. Everyone’s body and tolerance levels are different. 

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