• May 1, 2020
  • by mrfouram
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This trippy hybrid will send you off to space. Potent and heady, Space Queen provides a very psychoactive experience. A cross between Cinderella 99 and Romulan, this strain has all the cerebral experience of a Sativa with a decent dose of body relaxation.

The THC content of this strain tends to run high. Expect most Space Queen buds to have somewhere between 16 and 23% THC. The intensity of the high from this strain makes it a better choice for more experienced consumers. Yet, you’re sure to find a smile on your face after a few tastes of Space Queen. Happy and euphoric, pick up this strain when you’re ready for some downright silliness.

Medical consumers tend to like Space Queen for psychiatric conditions like ADD/ADHD, depression, and PTSD. The nice body high also makes Space Queen a decent choice for those who need daytime pain relief. Arthritis, migraines, and nausea tend to respond to this strain as well.

You can also find this strain under the name Space Jill.

THC 19-28%CBD 1%
Aromas, , , ,
Flavors, , , ,
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