• May 2, 2020
  • by mrfouram

    King Louis XIII is an Indica hybrid fit for royalty. Not only does this strain produce big, beautiful buds, but it’s quite potent to boot. King Louis flowers are crystal-coated, creating a glistening white armor of THC. On average, the THC content in King Louis runs a high 20%. Yet, in some tests, Louis buds have produced a skyrocketing 28% of the psychoactive.

    An OG Kush relative, there is some debate on the exact lineage of King Louis XIII. It’s most commonly thought that this strain is an OG Kush and LA Confidential cross. Though OG Kush is a hybrid, both of King Louis’ parent strains are known to pack some serious Indica heritage.

    As a result, the effects of King Louis are physical and deeply relaxing. Consumers will quickly find themselves melting into a sleepy, euphoric haze after just a few tastes of this spicy herb. Great for insomnia, King Louis XIII is an excellent bedtime strain.

    Other than sleep, many medical cannabis patients use this strain for relief from chronic pain, depression, and stress. Recreational consumers will want to save King Louis for a rainy day. The sedative experience King Louis provides will leave you stuck to the couch and wishing for some snacks.

    THC 23%CBD 1%
    Aromas, ,
    Flavors, ,
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