• May 4, 2020
  • by mrfouram

    Golden Nugget is a Kansas-borne strain that’s quintessential in Colorado. A Sativa-dominant cross between Sweet Island Sunk and (Romulan + Hawaiian), this strain can be pretty racy. It provides some very classic Sativa high with loads of energy, clear-headedness, uplift.

    However, as a true hybrid, you can also expect some strong full-body sensations. You’ll likely feel the Sativa effects followed by a slow, physical relaxation as the experience continues.

    Since entering the cannabis scene in 2012, Golden Nugget has quickly spanned the western United States. Though it’s most popular in Colorado, dispensaries all across the coast now regularly stock this strain.

    Golden Nugget’s buds are easily recognizable. Golden Nugget produces robust, lime-green flowers with a yellow hue. Expect plenty of long, red hair and a thick coating of trichomes. These golden, almost glowing flowers come with a sweet, citrus aroma with plenty of earthiness.

    Pick up some Golden Nugget when you’re ready to have a good time. Sociable and happy, this strain is perfect to break out when you have company. Medical users tend to enjoy Golden Nugget for ADD/ADHD, depression, chronic fatigue, and stress.

    THC 18-24%CBD 1%
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