• May 5, 2020
  • by mrfouram

    Chocolate Dream is an old school Sativa. A landrace from Thailand, this strain is known for its unique chocolate aroma and potent cerebral high. Some believe that Chocolate Dream was the original strain used to create Thai Sticks, a popular choice back in the 1970s. To some, Thai Sticks are dried cannabis flowers attached to thin bamboo sticks. To others, Thai Sticks refers to a bud that has been dipped into opium. Regardless, it’s likely that the original landrace Chocolate Thai isn’t around anymore. Instead, breeders have hybridized this chatty Sativa. Dutch Flowers offers what is thought to be a pure Chocolate Dream which was picked up in Hawaii. Their strain tends to have all of the qualities of a pure Sativa landrace. It produces a tall, wispy plant with late flowering times. You can expect a Chocolate Dream harvest a whopping 94 days after germination. Chocolate Dream is quite difficult to grow. It also tends to have relatively low THC content. However, it does produce a very relaxed high and it is great for relieving stress-related conditions. As a pure Sativa, this strain is excellent in the morning and will give you long-lasting energy. Overall, Chocolate Dream is a good strain for experienced breeders hoping to create Sativa-dominant hybrids.

    THC 18-21%
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