• May 5, 2020
  • by mrfouram

    This strain is an oldie but goodie. A truly top-notch Sativa, Caviar Gold is a strain every connoisseur should try at least once. It hails from the Acapulco region of Mexico. It earned its name thanks to the beautiful bud this plant creates. A glistening layer of trichomes makes deep, earthy green flowers shine with a golden hue.

    The high from this Sativa is renowned. Cerebral and energetic, expect Caviar Gold to lift your spirits and put you in an excellent mood.  Many often find this strain to be particularly arousing, perhaps in part due to a relaxed body sensation it creates. This is a great recreational strain for mellow and relaxed daytime activities.

    Medical patients tend to appreciate Caviar Gold’s high THC content. For an old school Sativa, this strain has an impressive 20 to 24% THC. This makes this strain a good choice for moderate aches and pains. You can also count on this herb to kick depression to the curb and cultivate a nice, happy attitude.

    THC 24%CBD 2%
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