• May 5, 2020
  • by mrfouram

    Amnesia Haze is popular in Amsterdam coffee shops. A potent Sativa, this strain produces nearly psychedelic effects. The intense cerebral high coupled with a soaring THC content makes Amnesia Haze best for experienced users.

    This Sativa comes in a couple of different varieties. The most common is a mix of various landrace strains, including Haze, Jamaican, Afghani, Hawaiian, and some other South Asian phenotypes. Another common mix features Super Silver Haze and a Cambodian Sativa.

    Though different, both varieties produce intense euphoric effects. The Haze/Jamaican/Afghani cross even won best Sativa at the 2004 High Times  Cannabis Cup. Expect to be grinning from ear to ear after a few puffs of Amnesia Haze. Patients with depression and chronic pain will find great daytime relief with this strain.

    THC 20-22%CBD 1%
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